Fans won't be disappointed with new ''Star Trek'' -- ''Insurrection'' is heavy on allusions to past installments of the franchise

For Trekkies looking for the usual smattering of allusions on board the good ship Enterprise, this will not be a winter of discontent. The just-opened Star Trek: Insurrection, the ninth in the Trek franchise, ”has a lot of [director] John Ford in it,” says Jonathan Frakes, who makes his second Trek directing trip with this film. And Patrick Stewart’s Picard will be ”very Gary Cooper-esque.” Producer Rick Berman adds that the plot ”has elements of The Alamo, The Seven Samurai, and Heart of Darkness…and the crew find themselves in a Midsummer Night’s Dream-type situation.” As if that weren’t enough, Berman notes that the real highlight ”is a great moment of Gilbert &amp Sullivan.” At least it’s not a Romulan Mikado.