Quotes from Michael Keaton, Cher, and Edward Norton

”When I read the script, at about page 66…I started to go, ‘Oh, man, I’m really going to feel stupid if I’m crying over a snowman movie.’ At that point, I was calling it a snowman movie.”
Michael Keaton on his tearjerker Jack Frost, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”We came to the conclusion that I handled it in a very un-Cher-like way.”
Cher on her negative reaction to daughter Chastity’s coming out, on AOL Live

”I think I really explored what it’s like to be a lawyer, and it’s not for me. Too much duplicity and corruption for my taste.”
The Practice‘s Dylan McDermott on why he won’t be heading to law school, on E! Online

”It’s just a fun circus to, like, duck into, but I really think it kind of exists within its own bubble, and then I think its ultimate, real impact is just about that big.”
American History X‘s Edward Norton on the Oscars, on TNT’s Rough Cut

”I love drinking, eating, and I love smoking — but I don’t.”
Living Out Loud‘s Holly Hunter on her hobbies, on People Online