''A Bug's Life'' joins the picket line -- A model of Hopper helps boycott ABC and parent company Disney

Terrorizing ants is one thing, but joining picket lines? Last week a towering, 7-foot-tall papier-mache model of Hopper, the evil grasshopper from Disney’s A Bug’s Life, joined locked-out technical workers outside ABC’s New York City studios. The ersatz bug, sporting a yellow T-shirt with the words Greed Is Good, was erected by picketing workers who’ve been urging boycotts of ABC and parent company Disney since Nov. 2. (They’re disputing the company’s benefits and hiring policies.) Disney spokesman Tom Deegan, who notes the two sides are negotiating, would only say, ”I know they are trying to call attention — and they are using a very good film to do it.” But aren’t the strikers inadvertently promoting the flick? Uh-uh. Says one picketer, ”We’re asking everyone to see Rugrats.”

A Bug's Life
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