The news website feeds users true-crime needs

A look at APB Online

You drop by the site for some Serious News — stories on Osama bin Laden, maybe, or cop killings. Three hours later you’ve perused the FBI’s Elvis files, debated the literary merits of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, listened to a live police scanner in San Diego, and created your own profile of a Seattle serial killer. The news site APB Online, based in New York City and overseen by crime reporters, legal experts, former FBI agents, and an ex-CIA staffer, is a veritable one-stop shop for all things criminal. Sure, APB Online can border on the lurid — the JonBenet Ramsey House of Clues is but one example — but its saving grace is its gravitas: You can feed a true-crime jones while telling yourself that you’re there for just the facts. A-

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