Lisa Schrager prepares next film -- ''Getting Jappy With It'' follows a Long Island woman who falls for a rapper

By Jessica Shaw
Updated December 11, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Giving new meaning to the phrase ”black-Jewish relations,” screenwriter Lisa Schrager is following up her The Lauren Schwartz Story: A Loser’s Saga (a black comedy with Bette Midler, set to start filming next summer) with Gettin’ Jappy With It for Propaganda Films. A romantic comedy about a Long Island woman who falls in love with a rapper she meets in a Manhattan Versace store, Jappy isn’t even written yet (Schrager sold it on a pitch), but Schrager is already getting deluged by phone calls from interested actors. (Schrager, who could see Jennifer Aniston and LL Cool J in the leads, says she’s also expecting phone calls from groups accusing her of insensitive stereotyping.) ”We’ve already seen the serious version in Spike Lee movies,” says Schrager. ”But this is really about how Jewish and black people have a lot more in common than people think. Come on, it’s just meant to be fun.”