Lisa Bonet tries to jump start her career -- The ''Enemy of the State'' actress talks about her break from acting and the ''The Cosby Show''

As Rachel Banks, Will Smith’s mysterious friend in Enemy of the State, Cosby Show (and, er, Angel Heart) alum Lisa Bonet, 31, is bucking for a comeback. Alluring as ever, she talked about the film, her 10-year-old daughter, Zoe (from her past marriage to Lenny Kravitz), and what she’s been up to for the past half decade or so.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now, this is the first time we’ve seen you since, when, 1995?
LISA BONET: You’re right. I haven’t been working at all. I’ve just had a different way of living for a while — living in L.A., taking care of my kid, finding what interests me, doing some thinking, and lots of yoga.

EW: Why did you decide to stop working?
LB: Well, I can’t say that it was a conscious decision that happened at once. Time just…went. Then [Enemy of the State] basically fell int my lap. And when it’s that effortless you have to just go with it. I think the movie turned out well, too. I mean, I’ve always been pretty picky about what I do…and maybe, sometimes, not picky enough.

EW: When haven’t you been picky enough?
LB: You can figure that out for yourself.

EW: I don’t think anybody can interview you without asking about The Cosby Show….
LB: I’d dare a reporter not to, actually.

EW: Well, this reporter already blew it.
LB: [Laughs] Well, honestly, I haven’t had much of a career lately, so it hasn’t really been on my mind. It was what it was — a big part of my life. It’s funny, my daughter just got all the tapes from my aunt and she’d never really seen my work before. All through her life people had been asking her mom, ”Can I have your autograph?” and she never knew why! [Laughs]

EW: I’ve heard that you’ve never actually read ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.
LB: It’s true. The first time I’ll read it is when someone shoves this interview in front of my face. It’s not your fault, though, so don’t take it personally, okay?

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