Quotes from Drew Barrymore, Mick Jaggar, Will Smith, and Lucy Lawless

By EW Staff
December 11, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

”I can’t stand people that can’t stand one of the sexes. We’ve only got two. Why would you dislike one of them?”
Home Fries‘ Drew Barrymore on Entertainment Tonight Online

”Elvis in Blue Hawaii or Claude Rains’ part in Casablanca or Marilyn Monroe’s part in Some Like It Hot.”
Mick Jagger on film roles he’d like to play, on MTV Online via America Online

”I have a special butt…. It has special curves, and it kinda has its own attitude…. I think the audience can feel that, and if I were to try to put someone else’s butt in that place, the audience would feel cheated and emotionally insulted.”
Will Smith on doing his own underwear scenes for Enemy of the State, on E! Online

”It’s a really great outfit for fighting, and it provides great protection for my wrists because I have these really skinny wrists that can get snapped easily, so the gauntlets are my favorite part of the costume.”
Lucy Lawless on her Xena getup, on Entertainment Tonight Online