Denise Richards is getting ready for Christmas, and Matthew McConaughey takes over for Michael Douglas

By Joe Neumaier
Updated December 11, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST
Denise Richards
Credit: Lance Staedler

Star Trek (1966 TV series)

Denise Richards (“Wild Things”) will be the next Bond girl in the 19th (still untitled) 007 adventure, which will start shooting in January with Pierce Brosnan. But it looks like the Bond franchise is getting more conservative as it ages: Instead of the usual double entendre for a name, Richards’ nuclear-weapons-expert character will have the family-friendly appellation of Dr. Christmas Jones.

Matthew McConaughey, 29, is in final talks to play a submarine captain in the WWII action film “U-571,” a role that Michael Douglas backed out of in July. To fill the generation gap, director Jonathan Mostow (“Breakdown”) has helped rewrite the script for a younger actor.

Joaquin Phoenix (“To Die For”) has joined Ridley Scott’s period epic, “Gladiator,” as the Roman emperor Commodus. Russell Crowe (“L.A. Confidential”) plays the lead warrior in the film, which begins shooting in February.

Dennis Quaid is heading a remake of “Night of the Iguana,” playing the minister ousted for a sexual dalliance with a minor who finds new temptation when he moves to Mexico. Richard Burton played the role in the 1964 John Huston version, which was based on the Tennessee Williams play. Quaid will reunite with Peter Antonijevic, who directed him in the current indie Bosnian-war drama, “Savior.”

In her debut film, 1995’s harrowing “Kids,” Chloë Sevigny dabbled in drugs and contracted AIDS. Seven films later, things aren’t getting much more pleasant: She’s in final negotiations to star in “American Psycho” with Christian Bale, who plays a Wall Street dealer who’s also a serial killer.

Star Trek (1966 TV series)

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