Lisa Schwarzbaum wonders, Does everyone on 'NYPD Blue' need to get naked?
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‘NYPD Blue’ Moon

It broke my heart to lose Jimmy Smits on “NYPD Blue.” It also took me approximately three minutes to bond with Rick Schroder as his replacement. And by this past Tuesday, I was deep in Schroder’s corner, ready, in his second episode, for him to show me his naked butt — or any other part he cared to display. Which he did. Come to think of it, when Smits replaced David Caruso, it didn’t take long for him to show me his naked butt, either, which was also fine with me, since I was already familiar with Caruso’s naked butt from the season premiere. I wonder where Caruso’s butt is now.

As I recall, Gordon Clapp hasn’t shown me his naked butt yet, but I’m not in a rush (are you?), especially since Dennis Franz showed me his naked butt far too early as far as I’m concerned. Anyhow, the naked butt I’d most like to see belongs to James McDaniel, but I doubt he’ll oblige, since his Lieut. Arthur Fancy runs the precinct and probably has a certain clothed-butt reputation to protect.

I don’t think Nicholas Turturro has a butt.

I’m not as interested in Kim Delaney’s naked butt as much as my male colleagues are, but I commiserate with their distress; now that she plays a widow in mourning, she’ll probably cover up for awhile. But, hey, aren’t you hoping Andrea Thompson, as Det. Jill Kirkendall, will get something going with the cute doctor who allowed Bobby Simone to die with dignity? That way they’ll be able to display their naked butts in the same scene!

And wouldn’t you give a lot to see Bill Brochtrup’s naked butt? I know I would: Its unveiling would suggest that the gay office assistant he plays is in a sexual relationship — a story line Steven Bochco and David Milch probably never dreamed they’d be extending when they were creating “NYPD Blue,” way before Rick Schroder joined the force, many moons ago.

Star Trek (1966 TV series)
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