''Turner & Hooch'' remake? -- The short mockumentary is a response to the exact remake of ''Psycho''

What’s wackier than a shot-for-shot remake of Psycho? How about an exact redo of the 1989 Tom Hanks slobbering dog-cop comedy Turner &amp Hooch? That’s the premise of T&H2K: Behind the Scenes on the Shot-by-Shot Remake of Turner &amp Hooch, an eight-minute mockumentary by writer director Jim Frohna. The short, a response to Gus Van Sant’s ersatz Hitchcock, includes a producer named Verne Drayner (think Brian Grazer) saying, ”We’re not trying to make it better — we’re just trying to make it again”; a rented French mastiff as the oft-drooling Hooch; and ”two hot young actors from a fictional WB show” in the roles once played by Hanks and Mare Winningham. Frohna plans to enter T&H2K in film festivals, but first he will send it around Hollywood to coincide with the Dec. 4 release of Psycho. ”I want to try and deaden Psycho‘s effect,” says Frohna. ”I want people to laugh, but say, ‘My God, what have they [the Psycho folks] done?”’