We discuss ''Enemy of the State,'' Broadway directors moving to the big screen, and Dave Foley's toy voice

State of the Art
If part of Enemy of the State looks a bit familiar, it’s not a coincidence. The scene in which Gene Hackman orchestrates the recording of a couple walking around a park is, nearly shot for shot, the opening scene from The Conversation, Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film that also starred Hackman as a surveilling spook. Says Enemy screenwriter David Marconi: ”That movie was very much in my mind. This serves as a kind of a follow-up for Gene Hackman’s character. Now, 20-odd years later, he’s got better technology to play with. I think [Gene] was grateful to see parts of this character again.”

The Play Is the Thing
It seems that the fastest route to Hollywood these days is via Broadway. Julie Taymor, the Tony-award-winning director of The Lion King, is currently directing Jessica Lange and Anthony Hopkins in the Shakespearean Titus. Sam Mendes, who’s putting Nicole Kidman through her paces in the Broadway production of The Blue Room, will soon begin shooting his directorial film debut, American Beauty, a DreamWorks black comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. And Matthew Warchus, who directed the Broadway hit Art, is close to wrapping his first feature, Simpatico, with Nick Nolte and Jeff Bridges. Is it just a stage? Warchus doesn’t think so. ”Because movies are becoming more technical and effects oriented,” he says, ”actors are starting to be treated like inconveniences in the movie-making process. Theater directors don’t work like that…. Actors appreciate [us] because they know the focus is creating virtuoso performances, not explosions.”

Foley Tracks
Recording ant voice-overs for A Bug’s Life is one thing, but doing it for Bug’s Life toys was enough to make even a mild-mannered soul like Dave Foley go a little buggy. ”It was a lot more tedious than the movie,” says Foley, who lent his voice to Mattel’s talking-and-dancing Flik, and Thinkway Toys’ shticky Flik, which does a stand-up routine with the evil Hopper. The worst, though, was the Flik talking alarm clock. ”I had to shout out numbers all day long,” he says. ”’One! Six! Thirty-eight!’ It was nuts.” Did he record any secret messages? ”No, but by the end of the day, I was ready to just start making the Flik clock curse.”

Random Quote
”Aaah! It’s my love interest!”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus on meeting Dave Foley, her A Bug’s Life costar, face-to-face for the first time at the film’s Nov. 14 premiere