Anne Parillaud, William Baldwin, ...

Chilean-born French filmmaker Raúl Ruiz (“Three Lives and Only One Death”) mines the split psyche of a fragile woman — the same rich material that inspired Freud, Hitchcock, and Gwyneth Paltrow in “Sliding Doors.” Only, being Ruiz, he gives the story a surrealist paint job, enhanced with dramatically skewed cinematography by Robby Muller (“Breaking the Waves”).

Anne Parillaud (“La Femme Nikita”) stars as Jessie Markham and her dream-state double: One’s a zombielike assassin hired to kill a slick businessman named Brian (William Baldwin, bringing the same this-is-art intensity he lavished on “Sliver”‘s hooey); the other’s a wealthy, suicidal newlywed married to Brian and fearful that a stranger who raped her in the past is coming back to kill her on her honeymoon. As each Jessie dreams the other’s life, Ruiz — a fantasist who, if he weren’t so self-seriously arty, would have fun working on “One Life to Live” — has a grand old time shifting back and forth between the labile but always well-dressed Jessies as they fight the feminist fight against Really Bad Men.

Shattered Image
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