Noah Wylie embraces Apple -- The actor was a fan even before playing Steve Jobs in ''The Pirates of Silicon Valley''

Ever wonder if John Lithgow really dials his relatives with 10-10-321? We may never know, but when ER‘s Noah Wyle plays Apple cofounder Steve Jobs in next year’s TNT biopic The Pirates of Silicon Valley, you needn’t question his passion for the computer company. ”I owned a Mac way before this project,” says Wyle, who feels so strongly that he recently turned down a chance to voice an IBM ad. The film also teams Wyle with another idol: ’80s geek hero Anthony Michael Hall (as Bill Gates). Gushes Wyle, ”Hall came to my house, and at one point I looked over and was like, ‘The man whose dialogue I quoted like Bible scripture through my adolescence is sitting on my couch!”’