Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy

Mail from our readers

While most of our readers were busy recounting either the strengths or the shortcomings of cover girls Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy, an overlooked segment of the TV audience applauded our coverage of an oft-ignored CBS mainstay. ”Thanks for highlighting Diagnosis Murder in your What to Watch section,” says Martha Kuhn of Mount Gilead, Ohio. ”’Cutting edge,’ indeed. I bet a lot of your readers looked at that twice. ‘Diagnosis Murder? Cutting edge? Excuse me?”’ On the Movies front, our take on Adam Sandler’s latest irked a few people, like Matt and Angie Williams of Jefferson City, Mo. ”We completely disagree with Lisa Schwarzbaum’s D- review of The Waterboy! In fact, we think that maybe she was tackled a little too hard.”

Ladies of the Fright
I enjoyed your cover story on Brandy and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I confess that I don’t know much about Brandy beyond her Moesha series and her evolving music career, so I learned quite a bit from the article. As for Jennifer Love Hewitt…she’s been one of my favorites since her days on Kids Incorporated. It’s great to see both of her careers evolve.
Montira Warran

I just finished reading Jessica Shaw’s article on I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Frankly, I can’t understand how Ms. Shaw could get through the interviews without slapping either of them. Well, at least without slapping Brandy. Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to be in the business because she wants to be, and that makes her a genuine star. Brandy, to me, seems to be concerned only with the fame and fortune involved in becoming a star. I can’t believe that she is so conceited and narcissistic. She must be a hell of an actress, because none of the fans who I’ve talked to knew that she was this way.
Amanda Terrill

Internal Affair
While I certainly agree with James Cameron that John Glenn is a ”bona fide hero,” I was amused when he went on to say that Glenn was not ”boinking the intern.” Isn’t this the same James Cameron who, according to reports, allegedly became involved with Titanic‘s Suzy Amis while he was married to Linda Hamilton? Boinking the intern, indeed.
Faith Campbell York
Bree, Belgium

Goldberg Variation
I was excited to read about the fall ’99 ABC TV project starring Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan)! All of the Raviolios sent to ABC begging them not to can Adam and Relativity in 1997 must have made an impression. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to…if only we didn’t have to wait 10 months!
Susan Olson
Mesa, Ariz.

Now We’re Cooking
Thank you so much for spotlighting the most recent love in my life: Emeril Live!. I’m hooked on his show and have even noticed his language and mannerisms rubbing off on one of my university professors, who now encourages us to ”kick it up a notch!”
Joe Restoule
Windsor, Ontario

  • Knight Rider
  • A Shakespearean note to Sir Ian McKellen: ”O beware, my lord, of jealousy.” Parts don’t win Oscars; actors playing parts win Oscars, although it is true that the really, really fine actors make it seem as if all they’re doing is learning their lines and hitting their marks and letting the role do the rest. I think it’s sad that McKellen feels the need to take a potshot at the reigning cinematic knight, Anthony Hopkins. No disrespect to Sir Ian, but there’s a good reason for Sir Anthony’s four Oscar nominations in seven years. It’s called talent. Maybe if McKellen were more gracious, Hollywood would be more welcoming.
  • Ruth Sternglantz
  • Brooklyn

I hope that Sir Ian McKellen gets all the attention he deserves on this side of the Pond. Thank you for Dave Karger’s lovely nod to this star of stage and screen.
Wayne Ingle
Chattanooga, Tenn.

CORRECTIONS: Robert Redford appeared in Indecent Proposal, not Indecent Exposure. Bob Trow created the character of Carmen Monoxide for a KDKA radio show. Tar Valon is the name of a city in Robert Jordan’s The Path of Daggers