The inside scoop on the book world -- Robin Givens, Kurt Cobain, and Canongate Books' ''Bible''

Givens’ Take
Robin Givens is pitching publishers on a book — tentatively titled Lovesick — about her short but difficult marriage to Mike Tyson. ”It would be about healing and getting over an abusive relationship,” says her agent, Scott Waxman.

Teen Spirits
Those hankering for new revelations about Kurt Cobain’s 1994 suicide won’t find what they’re looking for in Free Spirit Publishing’s When Nothing Matters Anymore, written by the cousin of the late Nirvana frontman. A factual take on coping with teenage depression, the book is a sober advice tome rather than a tell-all (though the author does pen an open letter to the singer in the introduction) — and psychiatric nurse Bev Cobain wouldn’t have it any other way. While Cobain concedes that ”my last name has a great deal to do with interest in the book,” Free Spirit spokesperson Nancy Robinson says the decision to play up the Nirvana connection caused an internal struggle at the tiny publishing house. But Robinson adds, ”If sharing the Cobain name helps get the message out, so be it.”

Losing Their Religion?
One of the hottest publishing stories in Britain is one of the oldest: the Holy Bible. This fall, Edinburgh’s Canongate Books published a palm-size, 12-volume boxed Bible set, with each book introduced by the likes of Nick Cave, Doris Lessing, A.S. Byatt, and Fay Weldon. Paul Slennet, a religious-book distributor, threatened legal action over the Bibles’ blasphemy (perhaps he was irked by Will Self’s intro to Revelation, in which the writer calls it ”a sick text”); in the ensuing uproar, the Bibles promptly shot onto the British best-seller lists. In April, Grove/Atlantic will publish the set here. ”I’m sure there will be people who won’t agree with the way they are presented in this country either,” says Grove publisher Morgan Entrekin, who’s signing writers for the American intros. Sandra Bernhard on Corinthians? Bret Easton Ellis on Job?

Clarissa Cruz, Matthew Flamm, and Alissa Quart