EW grades the movies and their tie-in websites -- A look at ''A Bug's Life,'' ''Gods and Monsters,'' and ''Very Bad Things''

EW grades movies and their tie-in websites

A Bug’s Life
Movie Grade B
Website Grade B-
Disney and Pixar may have reinvented the bug-movie genre with truly colorful computer animation, but the online anthill relies on formulaic Shockwave games, a screensaver, icons, and a trailer.

Movie Grade B-
Website Grade C+
The only reason to see Woody’s latest, and its website, is to gawk at stars like Leonardo DiCaprio — who aren’t well represented in the latter by the small pix and minimal cast bios.

Gods and Monsters
Movie Grade A
Website Grade B-
Star Ian McKellen may shine as Frankenstein director James Whale, but the website is a different kind of monster — a shabby assemblage of photos, reviews, bios, and theater listings.

Meet Joe Black
Movie Grade B-
Website Grade B
Sure they look pretty, but both movie and site are snoozers. What sounds duller, sitting through hours of Brad Pitt as Death or reading cast bios and behind-the-scenes scoop on the website?

Very Bad Things
Movie Grade A- Website Grade A-
The site’s cool trailers, engaging production notes, and morbid Shockwave game more than hint at the very good things in this dark comedy about a Vegas-flavored bachelor party gone wrong.