Though one can argue that screaming and pointing at the TV screen constitutes interactivity, the novelty of truly playing hide-and-seek with the Tubbies (e.g., spotting Dipsy behind a tree and clicking a sparkling cursor on him) has the potential to send young fans into giddy fits. Still, as infuriating as the show is for anyone over 4 (if that), mommies and daddies can at least be assured that Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Po, and the rest of the gang will sign off after half an hour. No such luck with Play With the Teletubbies, in which kids theoretically can spend 24-7 finding Po’s scooter, making Tubby toast, chasing the Noo-noo, and banging on the magic drum — then do each exercise again and again and again. ”Time for Tubby bye-bye!” has never sounded so sweet. B