A look at ''Dick's Picks, Volumes One-Six'' -- The Grateful Dead's comprehensive recordings cover shows from '71 to '83

Dick's Picks Volume 1

The Dead are a bit like the Monica Lewinsky affair: You know where you stand and there’s little chance you’ll change your mind. Partisans will be grateful indeed for the archival CDs Dick’s Picks, previously available only by mail order. The best of these mostly multi-disc sets capture the band at their early ’70s experimental peak, but even the iffy later disco-prog outings have great moments (skip the croaky ’83 show). Obsessives should also look for Vols. 7-12, hitting stores soon.

Vol. 1 (’73) A
Vol. 2 (’71) A-
Vol. 3 (’77) B+
Vol. 4 (’70) B+
Vol. 5 (’79) B-
Vol. 6 (’83) C+

Dick's Picks Volume 1
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