Live on Two Legs

Souvenir of the grunge diehards’ first full arena tour since their feud with Ticketmaster
Real Premise
Either to demonstrate Pearl Jam’s new accessibility and tightened chops — or to compensate for a live disc released through (and then pulled from) the Best Buy chain this summer
Reason We Like Live Albums
Despite the band’s continuing self-importance and fuzzy-around-the-edges arrangements, Live on Two Legs‘ set of uptight anthems (”Corduroy,” ”Better Man,” ”Go”) packs a post-grunge wallop. Also, check out the way ”Daughter” segues into Neil Young’s ”Rockin’ in the Free World.”
Reason We Hate Live Albums
They left out ”Spin the Black Circle” in favor of the semi-tune ”Untitled”?
Sample Patter
”Uh, this is a nice little ditty here,” mumbles Eddie Vedder — just to prove that even though they’re playing ball with Ticketmaster again, they haven’t sold out, okay?
Shocking Revelation
Vedder’s a real yukster: ”This one’s called, uh, ‘Longest Title in the Pearl Jam Catalog,”’ he says, introducing ”Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.”

Live on Two Legs
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