A Little South of Sanity

Aerosmith celebrates 25 years of double-entendre stadium rock and hoary power ballads, from ”Dream On” through ”Hole in My Soul,” taped at shows between 1993 and 1998
Real Premise
To fulfill a contractual obligation to Geffen, the Sony band’s previous label
Reason We Like Live Albums
As with Steven Tyler’s body, there’s little fatty tissue on A Little South of Sanity. Sounding tight, well rehearsed, and utterly professional, Tyler, Joe Perry, and the gang bound energetically from one hit to another.
Reason We Hate Live Albums
”Tight,” ”well rehearsed,” and ”professional” are positive attributes for a band of recovering addicts, but they don’t make for much in the way of surprises or spontaneity, both missing from this double CD. (Then again, Tyler sings a bit of ”Hey Jude” before ”Dude [Looks Like a Lady]!”)
Sample Patter
”Oh, West Palm Beach! What the f— are you smokin’?!” leers eternal teen Steven Tyler.
Shocking Revelation
For all their creative ups and downs, these geezers can still summon up more nerve and verve than a box of matchbox 20s.

A Little South of Sanity
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