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This mock documentary about a late-’70s Black Flag-style Vancouver punk band, whose members reunite for a five-city tour of western Canada, sounds like a thrash version of This Is Spinal Tap, and it sort of is, with a twist: The director, Bruce McDonald, isn’t just out for laughts — he looks at these aging misfits, playing the same beer-soaked bars and life-sucks anthems they did 15 years ago, and he wants you to see them as noble losers. Their Mohawked leader, Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon), who resembles a blank-generation Bruce Willis, attempts to silence all comers with a Sid Viciousy sneer that looks more than a bit pathetic on a guy who’s pushing 35. Joe’s refusal to sell out is his doom; he’s a cult rock star turned cult human being. Hard Core Logo isn’t nearly as funny as Spinal Tap (or as gleeful in its detail as Rusty Cundieff’s overlooked 1994 rap mockumentary, Fear of a Black Hat), but it has still been thought out in satiric, rather than dramatic, terms. Most of the characters are too goofy to register. Still, there are times when Dillon’s performance lays bare why, for sheer style, burning out will always have th eedge over fading away. B-

Hard Core Logo
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