A Frank Sinatra conference -- Academics gather to discuss Ol? Blue Eyes at Hofstra University

Throw together a Jungian Dickens expert, a professor of otolaryngology, and some groovin’ tunes. The result: the ring-a-ding conference titled ”Frank Sinatra: The Man, the Music, the Legend,” held Nov. 12-14 at Long Island’s Hofstra University. Opening ceremonies were heavy on memories, with Vic Damone, Quincy Jones, and Alan King, among others, sharing the stage. Damone reminisced about his first call with Ol’ Blue Eyes, which ended with ”Yeah, you’re Frank Sinatra, and the Pope wears a yarmulke.” Jones remembered some typically wry Sinatra advice (”Live every day like it’s your last, and one day you’ll be right”). King recalled Don Rickles’ welcome when Sinatra walked in on his act one night (”Make yourself at home, Frank, and hit somebody”). The gathered academics spoke of the archetypes of animus and anima in ”Luck Be a Lady,” Sinatra’s ”multideterminal appeal,” and the way the Chairman of the Board ”psychologically energized his lyrics.” Patricia Vinci, who lectured on cultural similarities between Sinatra and Charles Dickens, had a more devotional view: ”If they can’t put God in the public schools, put in Sinatra.”

”My kids really enjoyed it — what I think of the soundtrack is entirely different. I have no idea why I wasn’t on it.”
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