Fox plans The Boyz and The Girlz channels -- Gender-segregated kids networks are in the works for the network

Despite the bathroom situation on Ally McBeal, the Fox family of networks isn’t big on the unisex thing. Take its plans for two new gender-segregated kids networks: The Boyz Channel and The Girlz Channel. (That’s right — no Hermaphroditz). At the risk of stereotyping the sexes, here’s our educated guess at what the lineups might look like.

Diagnosis Cooties A hard-hitting medical drama detailing the yuckiness of the opposite sex.
Frogicide: Life in the Playground Jerky camera shots of boys blowing up various amphibians with M-80s.
The XY/XX-Files Sci-fi series investigating those strange, otherworldly beings, a.k.a. girls. Featured villain: the Bubblegum-Chewing Boy.
Girls Say the Darndest Things ”You want to go shopping?” ”Don’tcha think Zac Hanson is dreamy?”
Early Emission A boy discovers his nocturnal fantasies can predict the future.

George & Leo As in Clooney and DiCaprio. The two stars move into a one-bedroom bungalow on Martha’s Vineyard.
Slumber Party of Five Soul-rending series about a quintet of unchaperoned girls. Sample crisis: Little Betsy battles chocoholism.
World’s Scariest Blemishes Zits, zits, and more zits. Sweeps stunt: A Backstreet Boy pops one on his nose.
NYPD Pink Drama centering on tough-talking Gotham fashion police. Sample dialogue: ”Drop that halter top.”
Barrette-A A girl detective and her well-coiffed cockatoo search for the of-the-moment ‘do.