Cue the Bunny On the Rainbow

You’d think after working on more than 80 shows, veteran sitcom director Alan Rafkin would have some better anecdotes for his so-called behind-the-scenes memoir. Alas, Cue the Bunny on the Rainbow offers only thin, hardly scintillating tidbits: Laverne &amp Shirley stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams sometimes made the wardrobe woman cry; Coach lead Craig T. Nelson ignored the soundstage’s ”No Smoking” rule; Aaron Spelling once asked for reshoots of The Love Boat because he didn’t like an actress’ hair. Rafkin, 70, also crosses the too-much-information boundary several times when discussing his sex life (”I’d never smoked pot before and that night we made love…at least six times”), which will surely elicit only laugh-track-style audience groans. C-

Cue the Bunny On the Rainbow
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