Celebrities wanted to write book forwords -- Marilyn Manson, Francis Ford Coppola, and Stephanie Seymour offer introductions

Move over, academics and experts. When it comes to book forewords, these days it’s usually celebrities whose words of wisdom are sought to draw in the finicky book-buying public. ”Books do well when they have an endorsement by an independent authority,” says St. Martin’s Calvert Morgan, who edited Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic with a foreword by Martin Scorsese. ”It [allows] consumers to do a little filtering when buying; they know it’s been looked at and approved by a name they recognize.” Or maybe not. ”Everyone asks me to write a foreword because they believe it will help sell their book,” grouses Howard Stern, in the preamble to Larry Sloman’s Abbie Hoffman bio, Steal This Dream. ”No one buys the book for the foreword.” Still, the dusting of star power on these new releases can’t hurt….

Satan Speaks! by Anton Szandor LaVey (Feral House)
Foreword By Marilyn Manson
Summary Manson gives props to the late Church of Satan founder LaVey.
Excerpt ”I find more respect for humanity in his blackest humor than in the passionless zealotry that perpetuates all other conventional religions…. Anton LaVey shared his magic, and I think it has made this wretched f—ing planet a better place.”

Underground by Marco Pesaresi (Aperture)
Introduction By Francis Ford Coppola
Summary Oscar winner recalls writing a movie scene while stuck in public transportation in this picture book’s intro.
Excerpt ”How much simpler a setting for a story or a film can you get, with such a broad range of characters, than a subway car?… Even the longest, most uncomfortable ride, though, gives me the mental space to rethink and challenge my work. Great ideas come from that.”

Style on Hand by Elisa Ferri and Lisa Kenny (Universe)
Preface By Stephanie Seymour
Summary The Victoria’s Secret sex kitten emphasizes the importance of well-manicured talons.
Excerpt ”No matter how pretty your hair is or how beautiful you look in that perfect little black dress, you cannot get around the fact that if your nails aren’t done, you’re not done.”