Hanson, Live From Albertane

Live From Albertane

PREMISE So you still think the Oklahoma teens can’t hit the notes or play their instruments very well? They’ll show you with this concert disc, recorded in cred-central Seattle at that!

REAL PREMISE Can you say, ”It’s gift-giving season, and the hit-starved division of PolyGram needs another piece of Hanson product in the bins”?

REASON WE LIKE LIVE ALBUMS Hanson live don’t sound the same as Hanson in the studio, so the ragged-but-pretty-right ”Live” isn’t simply a rehash of ”Middle of Nowhere”. A spunky new tune, ”Ever Lonely,” almost compensates for jejune remakes of boomer rock warhorses like ”Gimme Some Lovin”’ and ”Money (That’s What I Want).”

REASON WE HATE LIVE ALBUMS Reeks of holding action — and given the Christmas and early-year CDs that preceded it, the Hanson lads have been holding it a bit long now.

SAMPLE PATTER ”Man, you guys know how to rock!” — followed, amusingly enough, by the squeals of thousands of un-guy-like girls

SHOCKING REVELATION Never mind Taylor–even drummer Zak’s voice is growing deeper! B-

Live From Albertane
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