Welcome to Woop Woop

Stephan Elliott, creator of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, goes back to the kingdom of Australian Camp in a follow-up to his 1994 cult hit. But in Welcome to Woop Woop, unrelentingly heavy whimsy makes for royal tedium, and Elliott’s broad caricature of outback eccentricities comes across as more crude (even cruel) than charming. That Thing You Do!‘s Johnathon Schaech lumbers through as a New York scam artist who, while lying low Down Under, is bagged by Angie (Susie Porter), a husband-hungry Aussie who transports her bamboozled quarry to her home outpost of Woop Woop. There, every local resident is a certified Colorful Character, the hills are alive with the sounds of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, and Richard Simmons would feel right at home. Oz-born former matinee idol Rod Taylor (star of Hitchcock’s The Birds) goes barmy as Angie’s charismatic Daddy-O and Woop Woop’s zealous community leader. C

Welcome to Woop Woop
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