There are uncanny similarities between these two monster flicks

Radiation — it’s better than vitamins! Okay, not really, but while movie science has shown humongous creatures to be the standard result of mutations from nuclear-bomb testing, more research needs to be done to explain the uncanny similarities in plotting between Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla and an atomic classic — 1954’s giant-ant thriller, Them!

A giant-_________ [Godzilla: lizard; Them!: ant] attack in the vastness of ____________ [the South Pacific; the New Mexican desert] leaves a lone survivor, _________ [an old man; a little girl], who utters one word: ”____________!”[”Gojira!”; ”Them!”]

It’s up to a dweeby scientist played by ___________ [Matthew Broderick; Edmund Gwenn] to understand the adversary’s driving hunger for _________ [fish; sugar] and pursue the hunt down the subterranean tunnels of _______ [New York; Los Angeles].

Though troops are called in, the attempt to kill the _________ [lizard; queen] before it lays eggs comes too late. Still, in the end, the hero saves the world — and finds love.

Godzilla (Movie - 1998)
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