''Yellow Submarine'' and Sporty Spice made the news this week

GET SPORTY The Date: Oct. 30. The Place: Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers sports complex. The Scene: Sporty Spice — that’s Mel C. to nickname neophytes — is on location with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams to shoot a video for their new duet, ”When You’re Gone” (from Adams’ album On a Day Like Today). As assistants rush around the elaborate set, Sporty, with mum in tow, explains the collaboration. ”We were in L.A. at the same time and we happened to be in the same lift, and we went, ‘Oh, hi!”’ she says. ”We had a drink, and he just asked me to sing on [his album].” What Miss C. doesn’t explain is that this is a baby step toward establishing a solo career: She’ll soon begin work on her own album, which she says is due out late next year. Surprisingly, Sporty’s realistic about her long-term prospects. Asked for the album’s title, she half-jokes: ”Oh, S—, I’m on Me Own! Is Anyone Going to Buy It When I’m Not With the Others?

AYE, THERE’S THE SUB At one point or another, haven’t we all wished that we lived in a yellow submarine? Soon we’ll get a little closer to that dream. Next year, to coincide with a video and a limited theatrical re-release of the Beatles’ 1968 animated classic, Yellow Submarine, the band’s licensing company, Sony Signatures, is preparing to flood the market with Submarine product. Not only will there be a digitally remastered album featuring eight or nine songs left off the film’s original soundtrack, there are also plans to sell everything from Yellow– inspired inflatable furniture to Blue Meanie salt and pepper shakers. ”Because of the new millennium, the Beatles are being touted as one of the bands of the century,” says Sony Signatures VP Joseph Bongiovi. ”The timing’s just right.” Looks like the Nowhere Man may soon be everywhere.

Yellow Submarine
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