Players get to hunt rednecks and hippies in this twist on the ''Deer Hunter'' game

Think blowing away bambi is fun? Try rubbing out rednecks. It’s open season on Bubba in Deer Avenger, a new game hot on the hoofprints of Deer Hunter, GT Interactive’s million-selling hunting sim. ”Deer Hunter was just screaming to be made fun of,” says Brian McCann, the Late Night With Conan O’Brien staff writer who scripted Avenger. ”It’s just so boring…it’s even less interesting than a board game.” Avenger players hunt in the guise of Bambo, an animated buck who follows trails of beer cans and toilet paper to bag human prey including rednecks, yuppies, and tree huggers. Bambo gets a choice of slingshot, bazooka, or M16; locale; and mating calls ranging from ”Sweet! Baywatch is on!” to ”Viagra!” to ”Ted Nugent’s here!” ”A title like this doesn’t upset us,” says GT’s Darci Nagorski. The attention ”will only help increase sales of other hunting titles.” And it may spark a new trend. Ready for Deep Sea Bass Retaliator?