Overheard online the week of Nov. 13

”It was [my daughter] Ali’s birthday and I didn’t make it for the birthday. I wanted to write her a little sweet song, but it ended up a little bit sour, as all the best love songs are. I can’t write these straight love songs. They make me want to throw up.” — BONO on rerecording ”The Sweetest Thing” for U2’s greatest-hits compilation, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”The lore was always ‘bad girl,’ ‘wild girl.’ I had a pretty reasonable head on my shoulders, it just didn’t look reasonable to people who didn’t agree with me.” — DEBRA WINGER on how she got her prickly reputation, on Mr. Showbiz

”I had a very boring, normal childhood in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio…. I find that most people who work in horror had very boring, ordinary lives. Recently I met Wes Craven…. He is another quiet Ohio guy just like me.” — ”Goosebumps” series author R.L. STINE on barnesandnoble.com

”It’s like standing in a room buck naked and turning around very slow. That’s what singing is to me.” — HALLE BERRY on doing her own vocals for HBO’s Dorothy Dandridge, on Entertainment Tonight Online