Tuxedo pants, flip flops, and glitter are this season's go-to fashion accessories

TUX REDUX Put an embargo on cargo pants. Tux trousers are the fall slacks for slackers. A fave of everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to the Barenaked Ladies, this new take on a menswear classic (think Adidas dressed up) boasts the requisite stripes but has a casual flair. ”They’re a totally relaxed fit,” says James Huber, vice president of marketing for BC Ethic, a California company specializing in vintage-inspired styles. In fact, BC Ethic calls the pants its ”slackers.” So much for formal wear.

GLITTER POWER The jury’s still out on whether Velvet Goldmine will usher in a return to glam, but glitter continues to be the fashion accessory du jour. Both Janet Jackson and Salma Hayek sported it at the VH1 Fashion Awards. Says Hayek, who paired her shimmery shoulders with a beaded Badgley Mischka, ”It makes you feel like a fairy princess.”

TOE ZONE You don’t have to be poolside to wear flip-flops anymore. Witness Hollywood’s glitterati, from Michael Stipe to Melissa Joan Hart, showing off their little piggies. But they’re not for everyone, says fashion exec Paul Margolin: ”You don’t want to see a pair of wrinkled old feet wearing them.”