The Goo Goo Dolls, Celine Dion, and Kiss made the music beat this week

GOO GOO GAGA Considering their recent success with soppy ballads, it would make perfect sense for the Goo Goo Dolls to team up with Celine Dion. While that hasn’t happened yet, the Goos did have an unexpected run-in with the Canadian thrush: On Oct. 22, the band was riding along L.A.’s 405 Freeway, heading to Santa Ana for the first gig of its fall tour, when it pulled alongside another tour bus. ”Our driver got on the CB to the other driver and asked who was on the bus,” says Goo Goo Doll Johnny Rzeznick. ”He said, ‘Celine Dion,’ and we were, like, ‘No way. Prove it — make her sing that Titanic song.”’ Moments later, the unmistakable voice of La Dion herself crackled over the airwaves, serenading the boys with a verse from ”My Heart Will Go On.” The Goos’ hearts almost stopped, but in the end ”we went on to the gig,” says Rzeznick, ”totally blown away.”

GO ASK ALICE Sharp-eared metalheads aren’t alone in hearing echoes of Alice Cooper’s ’71 hit ”Eighteen” in ”Dreamin’,” a song from Kiss’ current Psycho Circus album. Six Palms Music Corp., copublisher of ”Eighteen,” filed a complaint for copyright infringement against ”Dreamin”’ authors Bruce Kulick and Kiss member Paul Stanley, as well as PolyGram Publishing and Mercury Records, Oct. 21, in the U.S. district court in L.A. The complaint alleges that ”Dreamin”’ is ”substantially similar” to the earlier tune, which was written collectively by the members of Alice Cooper. Evan Cohen, an attorney for Six Palms Music, says he hopes the matter can be settled out of court: ”It’s just a question of whether the Kiss people will agree that these songs [sound] just too much alike. I don’t see what Paul Stanley could possibly say; he’s certainly not going to say he’s never heard ‘Eighteen.”’ A Kiss spokesperson declined to comment on the suit.