Overheard online the week of Nov. 13

”I would love to go six years. When we end, I would like to end with the ratings high like Seinfeld, not a low like Murphy Brown and Cybill.” — Dharma & Greg‘s JENNA ELFMAN on BigStar.com

”I don’t know that I ever really wanted to make a vampire movie. You get stuck in an old castle set with cobwebs and a torchlight and people in Edwardian suits…. [Vampires] is a Western.” — Director JOHN CARPENTER on John Carpenter’s Vampires, on TNT’s Rough Cut

”I want babies. And the reason is so I can feel smarter than somebody. Every day, I can walk into the room and say, ‘You guys can’t even speak, and I can.”’ — The Waterboy‘s ADAM SANDLER on parenting, on E! Online