This undergrad got hooked on ''College Jeopardy!''

I’m a senior at Connecticut College, where my academic career has been a good case study of the distracting allure of videogames. Freshman year, it was Tetris (I held the school record for the most lines in a game); sophomore year, Solitaire (my computer kept an annoying record of the 1,200 hours I played); but junior year was a cyberwasteland until I stumbled upon Sony’s website and played a round of College Jeopardy! ( Maybe it’s the prizes that have my friends and me hooked — a dorm room full of electronics, a $1,000 grant — but mostly I think we want to show off all the knowledge our parents have paid for. The format, a scaled-down replica of the Jeopardy! board from the TV show (sans Alex, thankfully), reads like a multiple-choice test and has categories with collegiate appeal like Potent Potables mixed with random topics like Marsupials (uh, I think I slept through that class). Sign up for an account and you’re given five games a week, with scores tallied and ranked by the computer. The best part about this? It’s the only place you might see Harvard in the bottom 50 percent.