Celebs turn out for the 'Rugrats' premiere

Who says you can’t love an ugly baby? With their melon-shaped heads, squeaky voices, and toilet-training traumas, the pint-size animated stars of the Nickelodeon show ”Rugrats” lured Hollywood out in force last Sunday for the premiere of their first big-screen adventure, ”The Rugrats Movie.” While a number of perfectly respectable celebrities melted into squishy piles of goo in singing the praises of the diaper-derby cartoon, at least one venerable star had a sinking feeling about the whole endeavor.

Titanic’s Gloria Stuart torpedoed the feature for its rough-and-tumble content. ”I found it violent for little children,” Stuart told EW Online. ”I came with my great granddaughters, and one of them who’s 5 1/2 said, ‘It’s very violent.’ But they loved it. I think it will do very well, but it was a bit shocking.”

Other celebs had no complaints. ”It was incredible. My kids really enjoyed it,” gushed rapper Coolio, who admitted that the Tommy Pickles character was nearest and dearest to his heart. ”I’m on the Tommy thing. That’s my doll.” Denise Richards, who battled Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon in ”Wild Things,” professed admiration for her child-raising sister: ”I’m exhausted. There are so many kids here. I have no idea how my sister does it.” Even tough guy Andy Garcia waxed mushy over the film, saying, ”I wish there was more scripts in Hollywood written that well. I came with my girls — I have totally won the best father of the year award!” (Reported by Jessica Shaw)

The Rugrats Movie
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