Oscar contenders and plot lines are just two characteristics they have in common

Are you wondering whether you should see the somber three-hour drama Beloved or the thrill-a-minute slasher Bride of Chucky? Turns out there’s no need to choose: Each offers nearly the same cinematic experience. For instance, both…

…star Oscar Contenders

Best Supporting Actress nominee Oprah Winfrey (The Color Purple)

Best Supporting Actress nominee Jennifer Tilly (Bullets Over Broadway)

…have similar plots

Beloved A dead child comes back as a deranged, adult-size woman.

Chucky A dead adult comes back as a deranged, child-size doll.

…have similar scenes Beloved A ladybug-covered Beloved is reborn out of a river.

Chucky A staple-covered Chucky is reanimated in a trailer by a river.

…feature a love scene

Beloved The ghost of Beloved goes wild (smashing plates), sending a fearful Sethe (Winfrey) into the arms of Paul D (Danny Glover).

Chucky The evil doll Tiffany goes wild (smashing a mirror), sending an awestruck Chucky into her arms.

…have characters who give birth

Beloved An ailing Sethe gives birth in a canoe as a terrified midwife looks on.

Chucky An ailing Tiffany gives birth in a cemetery as a terrified cop looks on.

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