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Mr. Cranky (www.mrcranky.com) Jason Katzman is the Mikey of movies: He hates everything. In fact, he rates films with grades like ”As good as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick” (What Dreams May Come) and the rarely awarded ”So god-awful that it ruptured the very fabric of space and time with the sheer overpowering force of its mediocrity” (The Avengers and Lethal Weapon 4). New films and rentals alike are raked over the coals. A-

Dinner and a Movie (www.dinnerandamovie.com) That dynamite date combo — dinner and a movie — becomes a no-brainer when you begin at this site from Web financier idealab!. Select a city, then pick a movie you want to see and the search engine will tell you what restaurants are closest to the theater. You can search the site by zip code, cuisine type, price range, or movie time; you can read reviews by online critic James Berardinelli — about the only thing you can’t do is buy a movie ticket. B+

Girls on Film (www.girlson.com/film/navigation/index.html) The spirit of the late, lamented Sassy magazine lives on in this very pink and awfully cute movie e-zine in which New York-based contributors Lise Carrigg and Andrea Pyros offer, with an intensely personal style of journalist-as-best-friend reportage, such endearing features as ”Bad Hair,” a review of the good, the bad, and the so-bad-it’s-good in celluloid celebrity coiffures. Other sections include ”Diagnosis Neurosis,” in which a licensed social worker offers her clinical two cents about, for instance, why Jodie Foster couldn’t commit in Contact. Think Film Comment with estrogen boosters. A

Movie Critic (www.moviecritic.com) LikeMinds’ patented movie predictor asks you to rate a mess of movies and then suggests others you might like. But the site is not really going out on a limb to recommend Saving Private Ryan, is it? And it also recommends The Parent Trap — what’s that about? Although it feels interactive, the result is a mixed bag of suggested movies that your dog could have picked for you. B-

The Movie Sounds Page (www.moviesounds.com) Tony Wittrien’s site warehouses a vast spectrum of snippets, sound bites, and bons mots from cherished flicks as varied as RoboCop and The Wizard of Oz. Appoint Austin Powers to utter ”shagadelic” when you’ve got mail. Reexperience Cloris Leachman’s Young Frankenstein disclosure ”He vas my…BOYFRIEND!!” again and again and again… B


Sifl & Olly (www.sifl-n-olly.com) If you have yet to discover MTV’s late-night sock-puppet variety show — well, you’re in the majority. So log on to the official site (run by sockmasters Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco) for a taste of the show’s wack sense of humor, including video clips of the boys interviewing puppet pals Chester and Uncle Bilbo and excerpts of Olly’s poetry (”I like monkeys/Big super monkeys”). More than just an entertainment footnote, this is high-concept comedy from a pair of low-tech pranksters. B+