Dustin Hoffman joins 'Joan of Arc' Plus: Joan Allen and Gary Sinise reteam

By Josh Wolk
Updated November 06, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Dustin Hoffman has joined the cast of Luc Besson‘s historic epic, ”Joan of Arc.” The director runs a notoriously secretive set, so there are no details available on what Hoffman’s part actually is. (Although his notorious stubborness would make him ideal for the title role, Milla Jovovich has already claimed it.) Hoffman is coming into the production late; Besson has been shooting in France since June.

”One Tough Cop” star Stephen Baldwin is going from flatfoot to barefoot, as he will play Barney Rubble in ”Viva Rock Vegas,” the new Flintstones movie. Rick Moranis played the stone-age sidekick in the 1994 film, but Brian Levant, who is directing both films, wanted younger actors this go-round. Mark Addy (the overweight gyrator in ”The Full Monty”) will shake his groovasaurus thing as Fred.

Joan Allen has been acting with Gary Sinise for years in Chicago’s Steppenwolf theater company, but next year they’ll be onscreen together for the first time in ”All the Rage.” Jeff Daniels, Andre Braugher, and Anna Paquin will costar in this tale of a group of Californians whose lives are altered when they find themselves in possession of guns.

Aidan Quinn will make music with Meryl Streep in ”50 Violins.” In the film, based on the 1996 documentary ”Small Wonders,” Quinn plays the boyfriend of Streep, a violin teacher who gets a group of inner-city kids to embrace classical violin. Wes Craven directs, in a departure from his work on ”Scream” and ”Nightmare on Elm Street.” Then again, those violin bows can be pretty sharp.

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