''Ally McBeal,'' Janeane Garofalo, and Michael J. Fox made the news this week

BLEACHERS LOADED The World Series may have struck a foul ball when it came to ratings, but thanks to the big matchup, more people may be watching Ally McBeal this week. In what’s now become a postseason tradition, execs from Fox, which aired the Series, blatantly peppered the stands with stars from its hit shows, including McBeal‘s Calista Flockhart, The X-Files‘ Gillian Anderson, Beverly Hills 90210‘s Luke Perry, and Party of Five‘s Scott Wolf. McBeal‘s Lisa Nicole Carson even sang the national anthem before game 4. ”Obviously, we’re looking to promote shows that are premiering or have new talent,” says Fox Sports spokesman Vince Wladika. ”If we could draw a live Bobby and Hank Hill, we’d have had them there, too.” Sitting near Perry at game 4 in San Diego was Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. But she never appeared on camera. Of course, she’s on The WB.

MAD ABOUT HUE You may not find Prince Albert in a can, but would you settle for Nathan Lane, Joan Rivers, or Todd Oldham? They are among the 13 celebs who helped develop and name paint colors being sold at New York area Janovic/Plaza stores (and on their website, http://www.janovic.com) to benefit the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. So what colors are really driving people up — and down — the walls? Oldham’s Beetle Wing (”between kiwi and chartreuse, with a whisper of olive”) has outdistanced the second-best seller, Cindy Adams’ Gossip Red, 2 to 1, reports a Janovic spokesperson, who declined to disclose exact figures. (”That shocks me,” says Oldham. ”Mine was the most out-there color.”) Meanwhile, Janeane Garofalo’s Mood Swing Pumpkin was no smash. But with Thanksgiving in the air, maybe the actress’ shade will get more canned heat.
— Joe Dziemianowicz

ETC. The couple that works together stays together. That’s not exactly how the adage goes, but it appears to be working for Tracy Pollan and her husband of 10 years, Michael J. Fox. Last year Pollan played Fox’s old flame on Spin City. Now Fox is returning the favor with a cameo in the pilot for Pollan’s new ABC sitcom (still untitled, it’s slated as a mid-season replacement). Says exec producer Scott Winant, ”He’s just doing a favor for his sweetie.”