Specialized version of the blood-and-guts game replaces monsters with enemies

By Matthew McCann Fenton
Updated November 06, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Doom to anyone who dares mess with the Marines — literally. Since 1996, the United States Marine Corps has been using a custom-modified version of id Software’s classic gore-and-guts shooting game Doom to train grunts and, in the words of First Lieut. Robert Freeland of the Marine Corps University in Quantico, Va., to ”hone tactical decision-making skills and build cohesion.” The Marine version replaces monsters with enemy personnel and fantasy weapons with very real Marine gear like the M16 (A2) rifle. These features are available in a downloadable ”WAD” file (free, for Windows only, at http://www.mcu.quantico.usmc.mil/ doom/doom.htm) that you can attach to your own copy of Doom II for a whole new way of dealing with people who are rotten to the Corps.