Overheard online the week of November 6

By EW Staff
November 06, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

”I liked Ward and June ’cause I always wanted to be Beaver — although I think I was more [like] Eddie Haskell.”
Pleasantville‘s WILLIAM H. MACY on his favorite TV parents, on TNT’s Rough Cut Online

”My guess is that if there is a market for it, they will find a way of combining The Next Generation with Voyager in some dangerous way in which Janeway will triumph over Picard. In the last scene he is on his knees, weeping, and cries to me, ‘You are my Queen!”’
Star Trek: Voyager‘s KATE MULGREW on whether or not there will be a Voyager movie, on People Online

”The day I was done, I literally went out and had Tommy Burgers. I said, ‘Just throw as much chili on that bitch as you can, man, and give me those fries and I don’t want a Diet Coke, I want a chocolate shake.’ I just exploded, it was like being let out of jail…”
— KURT RUSSELL on completing a 15-month health regimen to get in shape for his new movie, Soldier, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I’m completely consumed with being liked. Just like anybody else. But it’s fun to play a character that’s not liked.”
— TED DANSON on his charm-free TV role as Becker, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I thought it was funny enough.”
America’s Funniest Home Videos‘ DAISY FUENTES on what she thought about the show under former host Bob Saget, on BigStar.com

”Kissing Sandra Bullock, getting paid a lot of money — those are certainly two things — besides, I loved the story.”
— AIDAN QUINN on why he took a role in Practical Magic, on People Online