Breakup Girl, the internet site that's heading for TV, cybercasts live tonight
Ian McKellen
Credit: Anne Fishbein

Scotch and Milk

In September, the internet character Breakup Girl made news as the first Web-bred personality to be optioned for a TV deal. The show’s still in development, but those looking for an active taste of the gal superhero’s advice for the recently dumped can watch her “Breakup Girl Live” webcast, tonight at 8:30 on the Comedy Net site, live from New York’s Gotham Comedy Club. Breakup Girl’s alter ego, journalist and comedian Lynn Harris, will be answering letters from the love-deprived (and hosting sketch comedy and music). “There are a lot of superheroes out there whose job it is to step in when there are natural disasters or evil villains,” says Harris, 29, explaining the need for Breakup Girl. “In our own world, we all think of our breakups as natural disasters involving evil villains.”

Breakup Girl, which Harris cocreated with website designer and illustrator Chris Kalb, should have no trouble attracting an audience for the show. Traffic has risen to 50,000 viewers a month since September’s announcement that Robert Morton, David Letterman’s ex-producer, had made a deal to turn the year-old site into a sitcom. And if Breakup Girl’s internet demographic is any harbinger, the future TV show will attract a wide range of advertisers. She gets letters from people who are “male, female, gay, straight, bitter, naive, whatever,” says Harris. “We get 12-year-old girls who write, ‘Breakup Girl, he talked to me for the entire lunch period!’… in all caps. And others that say ‘Breakup Girl, I haven’t dated in 11 years.’ Actually,” adds Harris, “we should get those two together for a little perspective.”

Scotch and Milk
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