Sandra Bullock, Meat Loaf, Lara Flynn Boyle and more share their secret wishes for superpowers

By EW Staff
Updated October 30, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

”I’d want to be able to freeze time. It would be fun to walk around while other people are frozen and see what they’re up to. I could see someone with a finger up his nose.”
— Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

”Well, I certainly wouldn’t want it to be the power of supersmelling.”
— Meat Loaf

”I think every guy would want to be invisible. I would just go places where I shouldn’t be, and I don’t think I have to explain any further about that.”
— Kevin Nealon

”I would be the antiviolent superhero. I’d be able to fly around and blow a waft of paralyzing smoke onto anyone committing an act of violence, to humble them and make them reconsider their actions.”
— Gillian Anderson

”The ability to fly. Just think what I could save on first-class airline tickets.”
— John Singleton

”The power to cast myself in every role in Hollywood.
— Lara Flynn Boyle

A truth serum so that no one could lie to me.”
— Diane Farr Loveline cohost ”The Soviet Union. Just kidding.
— Frances Fisher

”I’d want X-ray vision. I’d peek.”
— Christina Applegate

”I’d want to be a cross between the Invisible Man and Spider-Man. They have the best powers.”
— Gil Bellows of Ally McBeal

”I’d have the superpower to be the editor of Entertainment Weekly, so I could fire certain critics and writers who write mean things about me.”
— Jay Leno

”The power to make my wife on time.”
— Levar Burton

”I’d have the power to give everyone great sex with the right person.”
— Dr. Ruth

”The power to make boobs really big whenever I wanted. Like if I needed them for a particular role or outfit. They still have to be mine and real. A great set of knockers, that’s what I’d want. That’s classy, isn’t it?”
— Sandra Bullock