Sandra Bullock, Meat Loaf, Lara Flynn Boyle and more share their secret wishes for superpowers

”I’d want to be able to freeze time. It would be fun to walk around while other people are frozen and see what they’re up to. I could see someone with a finger up his nose.”
— Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

”Well, I certainly wouldn’t want it to be the power of supersmelling.”
— Meat Loaf

”I think every guy would want to be invisible. I would just go places where I shouldn’t be, and I don’t think I have to explain any further about that.”
— Kevin Nealon

”I would be the antiviolent superhero. I’d be able to fly around and blow a waft of paralyzing smoke onto anyone committing an act of violence, to humble them and make them reconsider their actions.”
— Gillian Anderson

”The ability to fly. Just think what I could save on first-class airline tickets.”
— John Singleton

”The power to cast myself in every role in Hollywood.
— Lara Flynn Boyle

A truth serum so that no one could lie to me.”
— Diane Farr Loveline cohost ”The Soviet Union. Just kidding.
— Frances Fisher

”I’d want X-ray vision. I’d peek.”
— Christina Applegate

”I’d want to be a cross between the Invisible Man and Spider-Man. They have the best powers.”
— Gil Bellows of Ally McBeal

”I’d have the superpower to be the editor of Entertainment Weekly, so I could fire certain critics and writers who write mean things about me.”
— Jay Leno

”The power to make my wife on time.”
— Levar Burton

”I’d have the power to give everyone great sex with the right person.”
— Dr. Ruth

”The power to make boobs really big whenever I wanted. Like if I needed them for a particular role or outfit. They still have to be mine and real. A great set of knockers, that’s what I’d want. That’s classy, isn’t it?”
— Sandra Bullock