We define some key words and phrases for Hollywood's powerful set

HE/SHE GOT A BOY When an actor or actress wins an Oscar. ”Four times nominated and she finally got her boy.”

THE MEAL HAD NO DESSERT When a film’s ending underwhelms. ”It was fine up until the end, but that meal had no dessert.”

RENEWING OUR VOWS Refers to a serious talk between a longtime agent and client. ”I thought it was time to change representation, but my agent and I got together and renewed our vows.”

GO CLEAN An opening weekend sellout. ”If Meet Joe Black doesn’t go clean, the studio’s screwed.”

THE RETARDED KID’S PLAYING THE BANJO A Deliverance reference; means the place is full of idiots who don’t know they’re stupid. ”You’re in trouble at Universal because there’s a retarded kid playing the banjo in the lobby.”

IN ORBIT Having several people on hold. ”Keep the calls in orbit because I don’t have time to call all these people back.”

TOAST WITH JAM A dormant career (toast) is resurrected with a small, juicy role (jam). ”Tarantino called Pam Grier and now she’s toast with jam.”

PUT IT IN THE END ZONE When a script doctor does a quick polish and gets the studio to greenlight it. ”Robert Towne can put this in the end zone.”

THEIR DUPONT A reference to Seagram’s monumentally mistimed and extremely costly DuPont stock sale. ”They should’ve waited to release that film in the spring. Sending it out early was their DuPont.”

SNEAKER-INNER Not worth the $8 admission. ”Urban Legend’s a sneaker-inner, but I still want to see it.”

SPIN ‘EM Get rid of a caller. ”Spin ’em, I’ve got Geffen on the line.”

FLASHING GREEN LIGHT Refers to a picture that goes into production with one or two minor hang-ups (that usually turn out to be major). ”Tim Burton’s Superman had flashing green lights.”

54’D When a studio takes a film away from a director and recuts it. Origin: Miramax’s 54 debacle.

SWIMSUIT COMPETITION An A list of names for a film. ”We had Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Cameron Diaz in the swimsuit competition, then Ashley Judd got the part.”

PLUS ONE Code for a celebrity hanger-on. ”David Blaine is such a Leo Plus One.”

PULLING A KELLEY A nod to the uberproducer (Ally McBeal, The Practice) who’s notorious for doing everything himself.

CHEDDAR Big money. ”The Star Wars prequels will bring in the cheddar.”

RUSTY PIPES Refers to someone on cocaine. ”He looks bad; I think he’s got rusty pipes again.”

THAT’S SO TELEVISION FOR WOMEN Any weepy tearjerker with all-girl appeal.

WEASEL HUTCH CAA, ICM, etc. A place where rodents live. ”The weasel hutch won’t let Cage read without an offer.”