Nicholas Cage, Claire Danes, Mark Wahlberg, and more all visited the club within a week of each other

Though not even a year old, the downtown Manhattan watering hole Veruka has seen more action than the Oval Office. Maybe it’s the club’s unofficial adoption by high-profile barflies. Here’s who showed up during a recent week at the high-powered hangout.

Table 1
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mark Wahlberg
Sean Penn
Cuba Gooding Jr.
David Blaine

Table 2
Laurence Fishburne
Bokeem Woodbine

Table 3
Esther Canadas
Mark Vanderloo

Table 4
Nicolas Cage

Table 5
Gina Gershon
Fisher Stevens

DJ Booth
Samantha Ronson (DJ)
Ione Skye

Table 6
Claire Danes

Table 7
Billy Corgan

Table 8
Ben Affleck
Casey Affleck

Table 9
John Waters
Edward Furlong
Dominique Swain
Debbie Harry
Janeane Garofalo
Cyndi Lauper

Table 10
Denis Leary
Famke Janssen
Ted Demme
Jay Mohr
Martin Sheen
Tom Arnold