We ask for help from astrologer Susan Miller to find out what's in store for Danny Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, and more

When in doubt, look to the stars. And we don’t mean Mel Gibson. To see what lies ahead for these power players in the midst of corporate or personal upheaval, we asked astrologer Susan Miller (The Astrology Book of Days) to tell us what their signs say.

Russ Thyret and Phil Quartararo of Warner Bros. Records SignsCancer/Capricorn Status Thyret has overseen a profit rebound, including the godsend City of Angels soundtrack. Quartararo brought label restructuring, but his Next Big Thing sense is iffy. Astral Projection ”Their Jupiters are in the same place: When one does well, so does the other. This spring, Cancers are moving out of the tunnel — good news for both.”

Sonny Mehta and Ann Godoff of Knopf/Random House Signs Scorpio/Cancer Status The Bertelsmann merger could diminish their power. Astral Projection ”Talent arrived at Scorpio’s doorstep [i.e., John Burnham Schwartz’s Reservation Road?], but next year Scorps could be in danger of losing an edge. Her progressed Mars is conjunct with the sun, and Neptune is in opposition — meaning, Get everything in writing.”

Ken and Nancy Berry of EMI/Virgin Signs Aquarius/Scorpio Status Declining profits and disarray felled EMI’s U.S. label’s offices; label is perpetually rumored to be for sale. Astral Projection ”He was born with a cardinal cross, which means he has a lot to deal with. Next July, there will be a lunar eclipse that affects both signs.”

Frank Biondi and Ron Meyer of Universal Signs Capricorn/Libra Status Universal’s TV division was sold to Barry Diller without Biondi’s input; Meyer’s studio is in crisis. Astral Projection ”Caps will soon be in Mars — the house of achievement — a plus for Biondi. Meyer’s Venus is still being battered [an omen for Meet Joe Black?], but in spring, long-term decisions become magic.”

Danny Goldberg of Mercury Records Sign Cancer Status With PolyGram about to merge with Universal, it’s not clear if Mercury will survive. Astral Projection ”This year, Cancers had difficulties with their superiors. But the cosmos wants them to play the rebel; that’s their luck.”

Brad Grey manager-producer Sign Capricorn Status Spat with Garry Shandling; no new TV shows this fall, but his company — which manages Brad Pitt — still has luster. Astral Projection ”Jupiter is in opposition with Saturn — a lesson learned financially. Someone older [ex-partner Barry Brillstein?] will come to his aid.”

Jerry Seinfeld Sign Taurus Status Mastering a small domain Astral Projection ”1999 may be tough for Tauruses, but with his sign coming in for a mixture of luck, creativity, and discipline, a huge benefit awaits in 2000.” Which has to be a good Sein.