Barry White and Nick Carter made the news this week

Boy’s Life If you’re a wildly popular celeb, a tell-all book is just an occupational hazard. But what if it’s by your own mother? Jane Carter, mother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (for the uninformed, he’s the Leo DiCaprio look-alike), was less than cooperative when it came to dishing dirt on her son for several quickie bios about the teen rockers (such as The Backstreet Boys: Official Biography, ghostwritten by BSB manager Louis Pearlman). Turns out Mom wasn’t just being protective — she’s written her own bio, The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter — Secrets Only a Mother Knows (Penguin Putnam). ”I didn’t want it to be like a fan-magazine article, which is what a lot of these books come out like,” says Jane. And what exactly would qualify as a Mom-only secret? ”He never told me anything was off-limits,” she insists. So look for tales like Nick’s struggles with his peers in junior high. ”He was taking tap-dancing lessons when other boys were out playing baseball,” says Jane, ”so he was always the geek.” Secrets won’t be out till Thanksgiving, but mother and child have already bonded over it. After reading it together, says Jane, ”we cried.” Okay, so it’s not Sonny Dearest.

White On Clearly, we can’t get enough of his voice, baby. Barry White and his basso profundo have sweetened TV ads for Jeep Grand Cherokee, Arby’s, and AT&T. The ’70s love balladeer’s sonorous sound even made a cameo on a recent Ally McBeal — his ”Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” helped the slightly Milquetoast John Cage (Peter MacNicol) get psyched for a date with icy temptress Nelle Porter (Portia de Rossi). But hold on to your deep throats — White’s going to try translating his honeyed tones onto the printed page. He’s just signed a mid-six-figure deal with Broadway Books to write an autobiography with writer Marc Eliot, tentatively titled Love Unlimited and planned for fall ’99. ”I’ve been working on it in my head for a long time,” says the singer. ”It’s very revealing. I’m bringing up pleasant memories…and some bad memories.” Though White declines to reveal specifics, publisher William Shinker says the book will combine ”White’s memoirs and his inspirational advice about the power of love.” (Do we smell an Oprah book pick coming on?) One thing’s for sure: White’s planned reading of the audio version is bound to strike solid gold. Ohh, yeah.