This power player gets calls all day ranging from his mother to fellow power player Bob Weinstein

A Hollywood player is only as powerful as the calls he has to return. Fittingly, the messages for teen-quake godfather Kevin Williamson (No. 31) run the gamut from personal (Mom) to professional (the equally important Bob Weinstein, whose demands, which include the scripter’s next three movies, have become a running office gag). Herewith, a peek inside Williamson’s telephonic in box.

CALLER: Bob Weinstein, Miramax cochairman RE: Scream 3, Killing Mrs. Tingle, Wasteland, and your firstborn

CALLER: Jordan Levin, senior VP of programming, The WB RE: Sex notes on this week’s Dawson’s Creek script. What’s a ”pup tent”?

CALLER: Courteney [Cox] and David [Arquette] RE: Thanks for dinner.

CALLER: Robert Newman, agent, ICM RE: Talked to Bob. What’s this about firstborn? Does he have option for second?

CALLER: James Van Der Beek RE: Line notes on this week’s Dawson script. Would prefer to say ”headlights” over ”melons.”

CALLER: Richard Feldman, agent, ICM RE: Bob wants to add a ”twin” clause to the firstborn agreement.

CALLER: Steve Miner, H20 director RE: How were the cigars?

CALLER: Katie Holmes RE: Boy stuff

CALLER: Patti Felker, attorney RE: How much do you want to charge for the firstborn?

CALLER: Stacey Snider, president of production, Universal Pictures RE: Her Leading Man casting ideas

CALLER: Robert Rodriguez, director of The Faculty RE: Just to say ”Hi”

CALLER: Your mom RE: Your dad wants some Dawson’s Creek hats for the guys on the boat.