Overheard online the week of Oct. 23

”I could never possibly even suggest to my children how they should eat their Oreos. They wouldn’t listen. I know how intelligent they are, and how much more superior they are than me, so I wouldn’t even try to suggest possibly twisting one side clockwise while twisting the other side counterclockwise, thus equally dividing and separating the cream filling on both halves and so on. My kids would just be like, ‘No, Dad, I use a knife’ or something.”
One Tough Cop‘s STEPHEN BALDWIN, on Mr. Showbiz

”That Catholic schoolgirl uniform was the brunt of many jokes from the grips. It was like, ‘Let me bring that home for me and my wife! If I take you out to dinner, will you wear that outfit?”’
Dawson’s Creek‘s MICHELLE WILLIAMS on her costume in Halloween: H20, on E! Online

”For me, the guy who’s the coolest is the biggest nerd because he’s not interested in being cool, and to me, that’s cool. It’s the cool guy, who’s trying oh-so-hard to be cool, with the moves and everything…. Guys like that, I just think ‘Man, just lay it down and take a nap.”’
Clay PigeonsVINCE VAUGHN, on Entertainment Drive